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nGainGround stats tracker.nZeus stats tracker.nWORLD stats tracker.nHearts of Steel stats tracker.nXbox Live stats tracker.nRuneScape stats tracker.nCFNM stats tracker.nQ: Is there a way to customize the error popup when the user typed an invalid argument in the ASP.NET MVC 4 RazorViewEngine? I just wrote a RazorViewEngine that supports custom view data type templates for DateTime, but when an invalid DateTime argument is passed in, it is rendered the same as DateTime.Now. In the past I've overridden OnParseTemplate to specify where the invalid template should be converted to but this doesn't seem to be the right approach in this instance. I would like to customize the error popup when the user types an invalid argument in the Razor view engine template. I'd like to add: Error Message New Date Format Is there a way to customize this? A: Maybe you could override CreateMvcView? Plenty of state-level legislative action has been taking place in the month of March. California passed some significant gun control laws, and the White House confirmed that it has selected a Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Most notable among those in the legislative arena is a new bill proposed in the Texas legislature. S.B. 2456, an act relating to firearms, was introduced to provide better protection for the safety of residents and visitors of public schools in the state. Newly proposed Texas firearms legislation would provide greater safety for students and visitors in public schools The bill calls for enhanced physical security measures for public schools. Those measures would include school resource officers and campus police. In addition, school staff would be trained in the use of less lethal firearms, in case a school shooter proves too difficult to apprehend. The bill also calls for personnel to be trained in the use of firearms, including the use of what is commonly known as a “less lethal” firearm. Those guns can be a modified shotgun, a revolver, and a sidearm. As written, S.B. 2456 calls for the Texas State Department of Public Safety (DPS) to conduct a study that would report back to the Texas legislature on firearms training for school personnel. The study would also include the report back of possible models for the future training of



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