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When we decided to build our new Resort, 2.0, we selected this stunning location as it is also a prime spot for kitesurfing. The wind is consistent and adds stability and strength to it.

The flatness of the water is AMAZING. Of course the other advantage is that you can kite right in front of our premises.


This spot is suitable for riders who can go upwind and have decent kiting skills, as we don’t provide rescue boats or instruction here.



This is where it all happens! Right in the middle of the sandbank, we have our Rascals Kiteschool, flat water, Beach Hut with amenities (hammocks, drinks, music, assistants, instructors, rescue boat) and guaranteed FUN!


The kitespot is suitable for all levels of riders, even foilers, and it is world famous now.


Free transport is organized for all Rascals Guest. 

kalpitiya lagoon spot
vella island kitesurfing



The very best flat water Lagoon section in Sri Lanka, located in Portugal Bay. This sandbank works from May to September included and is the favourite pick for expert and intermediate riders. Upwind riding skills are mandatory to kite here as it blows off-shore to the kite spot, that’s why it’s a super flat location!

There are different ways to reach the spot (straight from The Rascals Kite Resort Jetty):

  • Direct line to the spot. Get into the boat at The Rascals Kite Resort Jetty and travel to Vella Island.

  • Downwinders to the spot of various lengths: you can rig in front of the Rascals Spot and kite for 25 km (!!!), with the boat following you for safety.

  • You can leave the Rascals Kite Resort Jetty by boat, rig at the First Island and downwind from there for 12 km up to Vella Island. These options are all available from here thanks to our strategic location.



Another exclusive Rascals Kite Resort kiteboarding destination is the renown Dream Spot: a deserted sand bank separating the Ocean where you can wave ride in Summer and the flat water Dutch Bay Lagoon.


This kite trip is available all year round and is almost on our doorstep as we can reach it by kite or boat within 20 minutes!

We have a beach hut on this flat water paradise as well, as it is a favourite amongst our discerning and knowledgeable kitesurfers.

It is a spot where you can practise your tricks and progress without traffic around you. We usually arrange day trips with picnic and rescue boat following. 

kitesurfing spots sri lanka
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