As hosts we want to model a responsible way to travel.


To be able to travel is a gift that few are fortunate to benefit from and we want to help travellers find guilt free pleasure by travelling consciously.


Through our sustainable choices, we strive to make your stay at The Rascals Kite Resort, environmentally sustainable and socially just.




  • We appoint and train local, mostly unskilled staff as team members. 

  • All our team members have wages above the Sri Lankan average. Our average (kite instructors not included) salary is 3.5 times higher than the national minimum wage.

  • Men and Woman earn equally.

  • We do not take religion or  sexual orientation into account when we appoint new team members. 

  • All our team members have paid sick leave and holidays

  • We offer free transport to and from The Rascals for team members who do not have their own means of transport.



  • We do not use asbestos in our buildings

  • All our buildings are made of local material and by workers from the area

  • We use a transformer to stabilize and minimize energy usage

  • We re-use greywater for irrigation

  • We do not use plastic water/softdrink bottles

  • We recycle our beer cans

  • We minimize our waste by avoiding disposable products such as non degradable

  • Plastic bags, paper serviettes, single use soap, plastic straws etc.

  • We reuse plastic packings as far as possible (for example ice cream and butter buckets)

  • We give all our left over food to animals in the area





  • Install solar energy

  • Generate Biogas through organic waste



We are humbled to host guest from all over the world and we value the knowledge you all carry. We are happy to listen to your experiences and ideas in how we can move forward and improve our work and consciousness around sustainable tourism.


If you are part of any environmental network, we are happy to join.

The Rascals Kite Resort

Anawasal, Kalpitiya - Sri lanka


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