The Rascals Kite Resort

Anawasal, Kalpitiya - Sri lanka


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Proudly created by Christine Vorster



Introducing one of Sri Lanka's most exclusive addresses, nestled midst a coconut plantation and overlooking the soothing nature of the Kalpitiya lagoon is The Rascals Kite Resort.


The space, which incooperates a contemporary island style living, evokes a relaxed, yet polished sensibility and takes pride in delivering style, comfort, personalized service and expertise for advanced and novice kite surfers in front of the Islands finest kitesurfing spots.

Being a family owned and operated boutique resort is a rare affair in Sri Lanka, still it is proved to be a triumphant combination as it involves passion, dedication and personalized hospitality and we are fulfilled for being renowned for the genuine atmosphere that we have created. 




My partner Mondy (Italian/English Kitesurfer, windsurfer, cricketer and free diver) and I, (Johanna, Swedish-Sri Lankan Engineer) first came to Kalpitiya in 2011.


It is 7 years ago in this writing moment and it has been the most awakening journey of our lives. At that time, the area was more or less untouched. We rented a small house in the village and spent most of the days kitesurfing and enjoying the simple island life.


The village where we were staying, was very welcoming. We immediately met with unique personalities, most of whom are still with us today.


With the interest in kitesurfing growing all over the world, putting the pole for that first cabana in our garden was a natural step, and so was inviting our new friends to join our team.

By the beginning of 2012 we raised our board and awaited our first guests, but The Rascals was not created over night. We are still creating, through sweat and laughter, thick and thin. 


We have come to represent team work, family and equality and we grow together every day. After 4 years of learning and gaining experience together, we had found our dream team. We had created a name for ourselves with returning guests and by the beginning of 2016 we found THE perfect piece of coconut land to assign for the future.


In december 2016, we opened the doors to The Rascals 2.0 edition and we have found ourselves just where we want to be.



Being far from exploitation and cities has given us the chance to select and include what we like from modern society and avoid the things that clouds so many minds all over the world.


We have the choice to be good to nature, to each other. We have been given the chance to have a clear minds and embrace the good things in life.


We believe in the luxury of simplicity. The luxury of fresh air and being close to nature. The luxury of eating fresh and wholesome foods. The luxury of meeting people from all over

the world. The luxury of sharing success and being able to give back to the local community. 


Off the beaten track you’ll find our little square of land under the coconuts, where we try to squeeze in as much of the good stuff as possible. Welcome to our paradise!