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Anawasal, Kalpitiya - Sri lanka


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The Rascals Kite School in Kalpitiya, as an international kite school, offers kiteboarding lessons to suit every level of experience. With it's safe surroundings, consistent wind conditions and pleasant climate, The Rascals Kite School is the prime place to learn or perfect your skills.


Having introduced over 2000 students to the sport we have the expertise and knowledge in providing a safe, fun and memorable experience for all our clients. 




The Rascals Kite School only employ professional, patient and IKO certified instructors as well as helpful and well trained beach assistants who will guide you safely through the learning process.


If you would like join our team, contact us 



We are truly blessed with a variety of opportunities for creating tailor-made or standard Kite trips, thanks to a large selection of Lagoon kite spots with a variety of conditions, ocean Wave Riding and Downwinders.


As pioneers in Kalpitiya and surrounding areas, we have thorough knowledge of all the best kite spots in Kalpitiya and we can take you there!





At The Rascals Kite Shop, you can ALWAYS find a variety of deals, whether it´s new or second hand kitesurfing equipment, so please check in and have a look!

Prices for second hand equipment are on request, as every kite and bar has its own history, condition and remaining life span.


If you are staying with us, not only you can DEMO the equipment at any time, but you can also enjoy discounts on gear.

Our staff will be more than happy to help you out. We also stock Lycras, Sunscreen, Board Shorts etc. 



When you rent kitesurfing gear with us you will be fitted with the correct harness by our staff and the correct kite and board size for the conditions at the Kite Room. At the beach our staff will brief you about the conditions, other kiteschool zones, rescue procedures and departure times. 

For more information on our Kite Rental Rates, please click on the Price List button below.